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Upcoming RubyFrost Season

Our RubyFrost apples are maturing and ripening on schedule!   Our growers will begin harvesting them in mid-October and you'll be able to enjoy them at our grower owned farm markets at that time.  We've found that for this variety, the taste intensifies in storage so even though they're delicious off the tree, a few months in storage make for an even better eating experience.  They'll be available again in January 2017 through select retail partners so check our website to find a store in your area. 

SnapDragon Season Ramping Up!

Our growers are getting ready for the upcoming SnapDragon harvest and are reporting that their SnapDragon crops are looking great!  Growers in our Hudson Valley region will begin picking the end of September with fruit available at grower farm markets shortly thereafter.  You can begin enjoying SnapDragon from select supermarkets in mid-October.  Keep checking our website for updates!

Our Growers Report

Despite the hot weather here in New York this summer, we're expecting to have good crops of both SnapDragon and RubyFrost.  If you haven't tried our SnapDragon and RubyFrost varieties, look for them at our growers markets and in retail stores beginning in October.  

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