Healthy SnapDragon apples

With its extra sweet taste, SnapDragon is an excellent and healthy alternative to sugary treats. Try slices of SnapDragon with peanut butter or yogurt dip, for a yummy lunch time snack or anytime treat. For other snack ideas, check out our Pairings page.

Years of research on the nutritional benefits of apples have revealed that they contain antioxidant compounds that help with not only heart-health, but also with delivering oxygen to the lungs during endurance exercise. In addition, the soluble fiber found in apples has been shown to lower cholesterol levels. And with the added benefit of being low in calories and full of Vitamin C, SnapDragon is the ideal choice for a healthy treat anytime.

It's a snap! With its crispy texture and juicy flavor, SnapDragon is an excellent thirst quencher and a sure winner for sports teams to enjoy after the game!
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