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RubyFrost will instantly warm your taste buds and become your favorite wintertime fruit thanks to the well-balanced taste and refreshingly crisp texture. This apple boasts a deep burgundy color and ripens later in the season taking in all the last of summer’s rays while feeling the chill of fall. Ultimately, it delivers the classic taste of autumn during the cold and frosty days of winter.

RubyFrost apples boast a beautiful rich color, a definitive crisp texture and are an excellent source of vitamin C. These apples hold a delicate balance of sweet and tart flavors that make it an ideal pairing with a glass of red wine or a light fresh salad.

With its impeccable balance of flavor RubyFrost has proven to be a star ingredient for your baking needs. These unique recipes include a variety of culinary flavors courtesy of food bloggers from around the country.

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